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    y w●eight to the right than it gave way like a ●thing of straw and let me down w●ith disconce

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    rting suddenness in ▓the mud.By dint of long massaging, I recovered ▓the use of the limb;

    but even then an attempt t▓o walk in a straight line sent me r●ound in a circle from left to right.●Daylight showed the river to be lin●ed with quicksands.It was broad and swift▓, but

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    not deep, and some distance● up the stream I effected a crossing withou●t sinking below my armpits.F●ar off to the southeast lay



a small forest.● A village, perhaps, was hidde▓n in its shade, and I dashed eagerly● forward through a sea of mud. Th


e forest tur●ned out to be a large orange grove, surroun●ded by a high hedge and a turgid, moat-l▓ike stream.There was not a human hab●itation in sight.The trees were h

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eavily lade▓n with yellow fruit.I cast the▓ contents of my knapsack on the● ground, plung

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ed through moat and hedge, and to▓re savagely at the tempting fare.With hal▓f-filled bag I regained the ●pl

hen I rose to my f, eet.My lef●

ain, caught up my scattere▓d belongings, and struck southward, peelin●g an orange.The skin was close to an i

t leg, though crea, king like a

▓nch thick, the fruit inside would have ar●oused the dormant appetite of an Epicurean.● Greedily I stuffed

rusty armor▓, sus, tained me; b
ut I had no sooner


a genero●us quarter into my mouth—and stopped sto●ck-still with a sensation as of a sudden bl●ow in the back of the neck.The or●ange was as green a

s the Emerald Isle, i▓ts juice more acrid than a half-and-half o▓f vinegar and gall! I peeled another and anothe●r.Each was more sour and bitter th●an its forer

unner.Tearfully I dumped the tre▓asure trove in the mire and stumbled on. Two ●hours later, under a blazing

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●sun—so great is the contrast in this hungry● land between night and unclouded▓ day—I entered a native village, more● wretched if possible than that of the ▓night before.Scow

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ls and snarls greeted me ●in almost every hut; but one● hideously tattooed female pushe▓d awa

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